Winter Series (Day 10)

Not for the first time this year, we had 10 boats on the start line. Today, however, was a first. All the skippers were from Burwain - none were visitors. Without doubt the club continues to grow however, with growth comes growing pains as we were soon to discover. With 10 boats come 10 opportunities for things to go wrong ... and go wrong, they did! Peter Hilton (GBR 434) suffered boat failure of more than one kind and retired from racing from race one. Two boats needed servo changes, Hugo Chandor's GBR 455 (rudder) and Alan Brierly's 12 (sail-winch) and at the end of the day disaster struck Fran Fairclough's GBR 701. His boat was almost reduced to kit form by the rock armour that borders t

Winter Series (Days 8 and 9)

Two days at Burwain that could not have brought more contrast. If there was any similarity in weather it could only have been in temperature, as winter chills were making their presence felt. The Ridiculous Day 8 brought a blow that would have kept all other classes off the water. With winds consistently over 40 mph, gusting to almost 50 mph the day was always going to be a test for the hardy. Three races in and it was agreed to sail from within the sanctuary and warmth of the clubhouse - a luxury that most other venues do not have. With perfect viewing of the entire race course, the only difficulty some had in controlling their boats was the operation of transmitters while clutching a cup o

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