Spring is in the air

A glorious spring day greeted the deserving skippers that turned out in their numbers for Day 2 of the Spring Series. With a winter full of ice, gales and doldrums, today was a real treat and Burwain Sailing club basked all day in the relatively warm sunshine. Gentle steady winds from 7 - 10 mph all day made for perfect A Rig racing. It was so pleasant on the deck that most skippers even stayed behind for some non-point scoring races. Plenty of visitors came to see what was going on, with some trying their hand with the club boats. It seems that Burwain RCL really is going from strength to strength. Congratulations to Peter Hilton (GBR 034) who broke into the top 3 with a string of tremend

Spring Series (Day 1)

With a consistent breeze mixed with inconsistent gusts the question for all 8 skippers was whether to stick with C rigs or move up to the larger B rigs and risk potential for submarining.Opinions were always divided as was the fleet for most of the day. Although the most consistent results came from the eventual top three skippers it was worth noting that 6 out of the 8 competitors scored several top 3 finishes. Spoils of the day went to the same three top finishers of the 2018/2019 Winter Series as follows: 1. Hugo Chandor (GBR 455) 2. Richard Whittle (GBR 801) 3. Graham Waugh (GBR 1118)

Winter Series (Day 12)

Skippers who had endured calm, storms and ice over the previous 3 weeks were richly rewarded with perfect winds for B sails. (Occasional forays into A or C sails usually resulted poor scores). At the start of the day the final series result was shaping up to be an overall win for Hugo Chandor (GBR 455) with Graham Waugh (GBR 476) taking second place from Richard Whittle (GBR 801). It was always going to be close between the second and third place boats after seasons discards were applied. And so to the days sailing: The surprise fly in the ointment for the series leaders turned out to be Darius Fard (GBR 26). Posting a string of consistently good results to include two bullets and five 3rd p

Winter Series (Day 11)

No sailing! At last the weather got the better of us all at Burwain. Even the hardiest of skippers could do nothing about the conditions on the lake - ice so thick that there were genuine concerns about launching the safety boat as an icebreaker in case the ice won. Instead we were treated to a stunning vista, a sunny day and also a welcome visit by Roger White, the Chairman of the UK RC Lasers. Our time at the club was rewarded with a good chinwag about the health of UK RC Lasers and our part in its success.

Burwain RC Lasers

Reedymoor Lane, Foulridge, Colne,
Lancashire, BB8 7LJ