Spring Series (Day 6)

Yet another tremenedous day for the 8 skippers present. Strong winds, warranting a pre-race change from C to D rigs, remained constant throughout the day with mild gusts. It was a rarity to hear any skippers complaint about 'sailing into a hole' or an anguished cry that their boat was 'submarining'. A good course was set, with less distance between the marks ensuring that full 'triangles and sausages' were possible in all races. 12 races were sailed with results proving to be increasingly competitive for all. 7 skippers, out of the 8 on the water, had at least 1 top 3 finishe, with 6 of them scoring 3 top three finishes or more. The day probably boasted more 'photo finishes' on the water tha

Spring Series (Day 5)

At last we had the perfect spring day to enjoy. An ample reward for the unclement weather of the last few weeks. Strong but consistent winds, had skippers changing from C rigs to the smaller D rigs before the start for the first race had been announced. The wind was perfect and at the top of the range for the D rigs, without causing an excess of submarining. The course was set almost diagonally across the lake and encompassed the best beat of the year. With opportunity on the beat for huge gains or losses to be made, depending on decisions taken, places changed dramatically by the minute. Without doubt the most improved skipper award (had there been one) would have gone to Alan Brierley (GBR

Spring Series (Day 4)

Visitors are told, with genuine enthusiasm, that "RC Lasers can sail in anything!" It is true to say that we expect to lose perhaps 2 days sailing in a year, due to either no wind, or far too much. This year, however, has begun surprisingly badly with the loss of 2 and a half days already. One, no wind, one with the lake iced over and today with the wind picking up so much that half the fleet had to retire half way through the 3rd race. 9 skippers started in C rigs but by race 2 the D was the sensible option. By race 3 all would have been happier with a G if such a thing existed. Discretion proved to be the better part of Valerie (whoever she may be) and all retired in race 3 with the except

Spring Series (Day 3)

On a day when 3 out of a possible 4 rigs were used by everyone, the sailing was near to perfect. C rigs were used at the beginning of the day with winds gusting above 20mph. Indications were evident from the off, as to the closeness of the racing to come; in the first 4 races no fewer than 6 of the 9 skippers present scored top 3 finishes. By the end of the day all but one had scored in the top 3, putting an end to the suggestion that there are 3 skippers at the top, and then 'the rest'. With two races to go before lunch the wind had dropped enough for a change to B rigs, with Richard Whittle seizing both bullets in the larger rig. Lunchtime. A 45min break was enjoyed by all, but to our dism

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