Winter Series (Day 6)

January 28, 2018

Gusts of up to 32knots curtailed what might have been a great days sailing. 7 skippers turned up to include both Peter Hilton and Graham Waugh, both recently returned from holiday, together with a welcome return for Glyn Howson.

Unhappily the strength of the wind, with or without the gusts made sailing not just difficult but next to impossible. When two skippers nearly got blown off the pontoon it was unanimously agreed that 'discretion is indeed the better part of Valerie' .. whoever she may be.


Only one race was sailed. This, however boasted what will probably be the finish of the season. Both Richard Whittle (GBR 801) and Graham Waugh (GBR 476) battled to cross the line from opposite ends only to meet in the middle with a split second separating their crossings. Somehow seemingly from nowhere, Peter Hilton (GBR 434, controlling a gust superbly slid his boat between the two to take the gun with less than the length of a bow bumper separating the three of them.

We look forward to resuming battle next Sunday.

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