Autumn Series (Day 5) Submarines in a Millpond

October 14, 2018

Burwain Lake yet again served up conditions to test the patience and skillset of every skipper competing today.


'A' rigs were the order of the day, with occasional zephys the best the weather could offer for the biggest sails. All accepted quickly that conditions would demand not only skill but an indecent amount of luck to score a win. The course was changed, through necessity, with every single race. Frequently the change of course demanded sailing at either 90 or180 degrees to the previous route. 


Towards the end of the morning big gusts saw all skippers scrambling to change down to their B rigs. By the time we had launched and begun race 5 the wind dropped again leaving most to rue the changeover.


Then the winds really arrived. Perfect B weather with consistent wind strength made for first class conditions ... well it would have done had we not been taking lunch! By the time lunch was over we were back to A rigs with the wind tailing off with every race.


The final race was abandoned. A decision well made as it took all of 20 minutes to sail the boats the same number of metres back to the pontoon!


Congratulations to all 6 skippers who each scored a minimum of 2 top 3 places.



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