Spring Series (Day 4)

March 11, 2019


Visitors are told, with genuine enthusiasm, that "RC Lasers can sail in anything!"

It is true to say that we expect to lose perhaps 2 days sailing in a year, due to either no wind, or far too much. This year, however, has begun surprisingly badly with the loss of 2 and a half days already. One, no wind, one with the lake iced over and today with the wind picking up so much that half the fleet had to retire half way through the 3rd race.

9 skippers started in C rigs but by race 2 the D was the sensible option. By race 3 all would have been happier with a G if such a thing existed.

Discretion proved to be the better part of Valerie (whoever she may be) and all retired in race 3 with the exceptions of John Sharman, Hugo Chandor and Sarah Norton who battled through to the finish, taking an average of 30 minutes to complete what was a 10 minute course. 


Final places based on 3 races only were:

1. Hugo Chandor (GBR 455)

2. John Sharman (GBR 428)

3. Sarah Norton (GBR 60)



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