Spring Series (Day 8)

April 22, 2019

It was the long awaited Easter Handicap event. Only the first race was run with all boats crossing the start at the same time. Frome the second onwards, all boat start times were dependant on their previous finishing position. (Start last if you won the race before, or first if you came last.)


This popular event drew all the regular skippers to the lake and with 9 boats on the water made for some excellent racing. The handicap system benefits skippers in numerous ways and has been a popular experiment. Starts are improved as skippers get improve their run to the line. Rules are learned quicker as the fleet comes together toward the end of the race, and skippers that might sometimes get left behind in a standard race find they have other boats around them, for longer periods, to watch for tips. Without question there are far more close finishes!


The racing took place on a day of unbelievable sunshine, with all turning pink (well more like lobster red) as the day wore on. Apparently we had been treated to the hottest Easter Sunday on record.


Whether the sun had an influence on skippers thinking we'll never know, but it was agreed by all that the next series (Summer Series) should have handicap racing every other weekend.


1. Hugo Chandor

2. Graham Waugh

3. Richard Whittle.



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