The RC Laser

A bit of history

The Laser dinghy, designed by Bruce Kirby, is by far the most popular racing dinghy with over 200,000 sold in 40 countries around the world.

In 1995 Jon Elmaleh, a past World Champion with the Radio Controlled Marblehead class approached Bruce Kirby with the idea of producing a 1/4 scale version of the Laser for radio controlled racing.

It's little wonder that the product of their combined talents has produced such an outstanding RC one designed racer.


Sales of this one design have already topped 10,000 in the USA alone.

The Laser dinghy

"I have been overjoyed at the result. The boat sails and handles exceptionally well ... success on the race course depends on the sailor, not the boat"


Bruce Kirby - Designer of the Laser Dinghy

So what's all the fuss about?

Ask the converted and the answers will probably include:


You can't buy a win': The strict one design ruling ensures that all boats are identical. No 'wallet winners'.

'Inexpensive to buy': At a cost far less than many other model boats the RC Laser is within reach of most

'Takes 7 minutes': From carry bag to launch takes only 7 minutes (and that is if it's your first time)

The RC Laser

"Regattas aren't necessarily won with firsts. Work to improve in increments if you are behind and it will make you a more successful skipper."


Dave Ramos - RC Laser National Champion 2014, 2015

How it works

Opposite is a short video presented by Nigel Seary and Ricky Tagg. Nigel is the man to thank for bringing the RC Laser to the UK. (That's why he has sail number 01.) 

In brief the RC Laser has a hull into which you clip your mast, keel and rudder. Attach the mainsheet, tune the sail and you're nearly ready.


To control the mainsheet and rudder you use a hand held transmitter to send messages to a receiver on board.

Switch on your transmitter and sail.

So how do I start?

It couldn't be easier. Just come down to Burwain Sailing Club and join us.

You'll be met with a friendly welcome and be given a boat to try out for yourself. As soon as you've got the hang of it you can join in the racing.

And then what? Well, how far do you want to go?

Buy your own boat

Compete in Club races and Travellers Trophies,

go to the National Championships, 

the European Championships

the Worlds ...

The world is your oyster ... but Burwain is the place to start!

European Championships 2016
(Winner GBR 840 Dave Fowler)

Burwain RC Lasers

Reedymoor Lane, Foulridge, Colne,
Lancashire, BB8 7LJ